“I shot a bolt, but Puppy Killer was able to bat that away too; while looking insulted. She then started to run at me with her swords drawn but, in her rage, missed me with both. She tried to keep running past but Hag caught her with his club and took her down for good.”

Portrait of Tibboh


  • Perfect Performance!
  • Puppy Killing Guards
  • Kobolds Abound!
  • Armor Upgrades


Hag wanted to destroy the cave entrance but we discussed it and decided it could be useful for when we get the farm up and running. Instead, we plugged it up with the bed, bodies, and beyond, lit it all on fire and made our way to Helja. She informed us that we had company as she was visibly struggling to keep the door closed. I put on my best “Elvish Commander” voice and yelled for those outside to announce themselves. The redcloaks (assumed at the time) replied by asking what was going on, I answered that the kobolds had escaped and they should cut them off at the cave entrance, which they bought. As they left, Enya and the bear headed back to make sure they couldn’t get past the fire while LP, Hag, and I snuck behind them to trap them in the tunnel. Helja and the kobolds stayed to guard the door.

We managed to surprise them as they were swearing about the massive fire in the tunnel. Little Pocket threw a small ball of fire but the one that looked like a puppy killer managed to bat it away. Hag threw a javelin at the other one and managed to stick him with it. Flaming arrows flew out from the other side and caught PK off guard. Still using the commander voice, I yelled “Surprise, bitches!” as I shot a bolt, but Puppy Killer was able to bat that away too; while looking insulted. She then started to run at me with her swords drawn but, in her rage, missed me with both. She tried to keep running past but Hag caught her with his club and took her down for good.

The other guard tried to run in a panic but was caught by Hag and downed as well. Managed to find the standard gear on the bodies which we collected for use on the farm. I kept one of the sets of studded leather armor but it was too big. Figured I’d see if the tinker could help me out. Hag added the bodies to the raging fire before we headed back to the door. Noticed the little kobold from the torture chamber had followed us and decided to call me “Tax”, LP “Stax”, Enya “Fax”, and Hag “Hax”. Kobolds….

We divided all the gear we had found or taken off bodies, left half for those who would be coming to the farm. Enya, Helja, and I lugged the rest back to Phandolin while Hag and Little Pocket stayed at the farm to clean up and make sure no one else showed up. Got to Phandolin and told the kobolds to be on their best behavior. Saw Carp and introduced him to Jax (the leader from what I can tell), who loved their names. Since no one else in camp spoke draconic I told Jax to stay with Carp and learn common and/or teach Carp some draconic so they can get by while I’m away. Enya stayed behind to catch Carp up on the kobolds and the farm, Helja went to talk with the dwarves while I went to relay what had happened to Sildar. I asked if he knew of any volunteers who would be willing to travel to the farm and keep it secure. He mentioned that the dwarves would most likely be the most interested, and it seemed Helja was already on that mission. He also mentioned two survivors of the full moon attack as well.

As we were talking Toblin made his way over and I pulled out the studded leather and asked if he could resize it for me which he seemed excited about. Enya and I sought out Kallie as we realized we were starving and in need of a good meal to which Kallie was an amazing host. Talked with SIldar, no news but everyone anxiously awaiting Darren’s arrival (very strange he’s been gone so long). Sildar said there was a funny incident that morning and had been happening for the previous couple days where small lizards had run into the middle of camp before running off south. This morning however, it had been a Trogan that came from the same direction. Sildar stated that it was odd because of the direction. If it had been from the North East, it most likely would have been messages sent from Radoth, or even possibly Darren but very confused as to why they would be coming from the South. He also mentioned that each time, Wolf Sister Gaerela had been howling and chasing the lizards and trogan before they ran off again. All very odd.

To the south is the small smuggling port of Jakmal, with Marygo to the South East. Not sure who would be sending messengers or possible spies from that direction. This got us on the topic of how we’re going to stay in touch. I let him know I’m working on something but that in the meantime if he doesn’t hear from us in 2 days, to go to the farm. Toblin came back, excited to make the alterations and asked if I wanted any springs which I declined but did ask if he could add a few hidden pockets. I pull out one of the bottles of wine we found on the farm and gave it to him before he ran off.

We all made our way back to the farm where Little Pocket had an amazing smelling stew going. She relayed what she and Hag had found while doing a thorough search of the farm, and the maps she made. Managed to get everyone outfitted with the gear before settling in to eat. LP somehow pulled out my viol and handed it to me which I started to play as LP gave an impassioned speech about the plan and how we all need to be on the same page. She’s sneakier than I suspected.

We have the team barricade the cave entrance until Toblin can come and plan out his “secret” entrance. We then made a sign for the front door that read “Speak Friend and Enter” in Common but “friend” in halfling. Then shredded a red cloak and draped it around the sign. This should be both a good deterrent as well as a way for friendlies to make themselves known. We also made signs in dwarvish and halfling and set them up near the Spring for runaways to know the farm is safe now. I mentioned to Hag that we should burn the bodies that were left in the cells but he motioned with a laugh to the former fire and said it was already taken care of. Hag told us that he talked to the creature in the chasm and it doesn’t appear hostile, but happier that we’re here now and grateful for what we’ve done. Still an odd creature nonetheless.

As people settled in for the night I managed to drag one of the “nicer” beds that hadn’t burned much to Glassstaff’s old room for the most comfort I’ve had since leaving the House. Clouds and inconsistent rain gave the second day a slightly more drab atmosphere. It’s now been nine days since the last full moon. Came to the common area to find a small gnome, deeply tanned, brown hair, and armor that was bleached in spots from what could only be sea spray. They introduced themselves as “Yip”, and it seemed Little Pocket knew them previously. She asked why they were here to which Yip stated that they had gone to Phandolin to see Sister Garaele because she hadn’t been returning the messages they’d been sending (must have been those lizards and trogan). Yip said that they tried to see her but Sildar wouldn’t let them even though he said she was fine. Sildar told them we were here. Evidently, they had been worried because “Kira” had not been receiving messages from Sister Garaele nor Radoth, and had never gone so long without word. They had become worried about what was happening. Radoth had not responded for two weeks or more. Evidently Yip, Kira, and company have been stationed down in the small smuggling port of Jakmal which I’d only heard rumors about.

We asked of news from Lewporten, Yip said that there was none yet, no ships coming from the South. LP told Yip to send a messenger in two days to the farm and look for me (or a halfling wearing my eyepatch), hopefully we’d be there but we needed to head to Thundertree first to find out what was going on with Radoth.

The dwarves and the halfling definitely seemed as comfortable with the swords as if they had been field tools. LP asks Ali (the halfling) to take my eyepatch and receive the message on the off-chance that we weren’t back in time, and for her to respond with “Where is Kira going?”. We headed out for Thundertree, stopping at Phandolin briefly first. Toblin finds me and hands me the studded leather to which I thank him and tell him there’s a project at the farm if he wants. He seemed visibly excited and said he’d get on it ASAP. Saw the kobolds and children playing around the fire and decided to give them a show. This time with a green dragon sinking a ship full of elves. The children loved it but the kobolds reacted as if they were terrified of the dragon. Jax came over and explained to me that Kobolds and dragons are very different. That while kobolds typically worshipped dragons, he and others like him didn’t feel the same. The kobolds had been estatic when word was spread that a green dragon had been released and they all went to Thundertree to prepare but that’s when Jax and the others left. To put the kobolds at ease, Jax tells me they love giant bugs so I make a giant fire bug to chase the kobolds around the fire which they were much happier with.

We made sure to relay everything to Sildar, including Jax’s word about a possible Green Dragon being back. Dragon or not he thinks it’s of utmost importance that we secure Thundertree. As we readied to leave the rain becomes more steady. I check with Jax to ask if there would be kobolds at thundertree, and if so, should be spare any. He said that while they went to Thundertree initially to make it ready for the arrival of a dragon, he wasn’t sure if they’d still be there or not. Sildar was trying to not be entirely dismissive of Jax’s claim but also made it clear that he didn’t think a dragon was back.

We set off toward Thundertree, the sun setting by the time we reach the forked path by the river that leads to Thundertree. Rain became heavy and there was thunder in the distance. Feels like there’s going to be a storm.


See also: Episode 22  



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