“She circled us, 80ft. in the air. Hag threw another javelin, this time making its mark. After a few passes the dragon took off toward the West before descending down toward what must be the river…”

Portrait of Tibboh


  • Blights!
  • Ground Power?
  • Hag the Historian!
  • A real dragon!


We made it to the river across from Thunder Tree as the sun was setting on the 9th day since the last full moon. As we were puzzling out how to cross the swollen river Enya cast something that made the rain feel slightly less miserable. Little Pocket used her feather and mentioned that there were figures shambling around at the top of the hill, something spike-like protruding from their backs, beige in color and roughly elf-sized.

Hag suggested that I ride on his shoulders to keep me from being swept away. Enya used her magic rope to connect rocks on either side allowing Little Pocket to hold on and cross the river first. She made it across without issue but once her feet touched the ground on the opposite bank a vine unraveled and attacked her, while a needle blight started making its way toward her. I ran as close to the river as I could and managed to hit the vine, just as an arrow flew past my ear which also connected with the vine. Enya conjured her magical weapon which missed on its initial swing at the blight.

Hag ran and jumped across the river making it look easy. He landed on the other side of the vine and smacked it with his club. Lightning and thunder started up as Hag threw down one of the fuzzy balls from the pouch Garaele gave him. As the ball hit the ground it exploded into a, slightly mangy, looking wolf. The wolf attacked the vine but didn’t seem to do anything. The needle creatures moved closer to Hag but weren’t able to do any damage to him. One of them attacked LP which did connect and did some real damage. The last tried for the wolf but missed. The trend continued as I missed wide on a shot at the vines. Looking severely pissed, Enya shot the vine dropping it dead, releasing its grasp on LP.

Hag ran over and demolished one of the blights. I peeked out and shot at the other vine creature but missed that one too.. stayed hidden behind the rock. I heard LP yell “BEGONE” followed by a massive thunderous noise. Enya ran up next to me and delightedly destroyed the other blight. Two left. Hag destroyed one, but the last killed the wolf. The second vine made it way toward LP and Hag a tried to grasp them. I decided it was time to get across the river so I used the rope as I precariously hung on. I got almost all the way across when I started to slip, fully expecting to drop into the river but I fell on solid ground. The river water seemed to have been pulled back. Full of adrenaline I shot and killed the second vine, followed by LP downing the final needle blight. Little Pocket mentioned there were more to the east and west but none were making their way toward us, and there was nothing between us and Thunder Tree.

We made our way cautiously to Thunder Tree, Enya stopping only to heal LP. As she did we all felt like power was seeping into our bodies out of the ground. We all looked around and LP mentioned “Was that Radoth?”

Hag stopped us and gave us a ton of information and history on dragons that even I hadn’t heard before. Where he’s from the Giants eradicated the dragons. Giants and Orcs were tasked with ensuring the dragons stayed dead. The various types of dragons and their habits and personalities. It was fascinating.

As we approached Radoth’s house we saw that it had been completely entangled with massive vines. Enya approached the house to try and send a message to Radoth, to ask if he’s trapped but didn’t hear any response. I looked toward the dilapidated tower and noticed a massive Seba tree, larger than I’d ever seen before. Afraid the potential dragon could be hiding in its canopy I shot at the tree foolishly trying to light it on fire to no avail. Sensing the danger, we all spread out and hid behind various trees while Hag made his way toward the tower. He didn’t stay inside long and when he came back out there was a serious, almost frightened look on his face. Almost immediately after Hag exited the tower a massive, albeit adolescent, green dragon emerged from the top of the broken tower surveying the grounds.

Everything happened so fast, I saw Enya trying to create a earthly barrier just as the dragon unleashed a sickly colored spray from its maw. I thought for sure it was the end of Enya, yet she emerged from the blast alive, but badly damaged. Welts and boils all over her skin. The dragon coughed and looked confused before it flew back to the tower. Enya shot at the dragon, hitting it in the shoulder. As the arrow struck the strangest thing happened. There was a flash at the site of the impact and the dragon screamed in painful rage. It seemed the dragon was weak against whatever Enya was using against it.

Hag hucked a javelin in a rage but missed. I pulled a bit of hair from the bear and cast Bear’s Endurance on myself just in case before hiding behind the tree again. The dragon flew down to attack Hag, but nothing comes from its mouth. Instead, it clawed and bit at Hag doing some significant damage. By this point the storm was raging, lightning striking all around us as thunder boomed from above. Enya shot again but the dragon managed to bat the arrow away with its tail. From the other side, Little Pocket conjured up her flaming sphere as Enya summoned her spiritual weapon.

Hag then smashed the dragon with his club, then reached into his pouch and threw a ball to the ground where a….bird…appeared. LP commanded her sphere to move closer to the dragon as I start to run closer to get in range to shoot at the dragon. The dragon bit and clawed at Hag again but didn’t seem to be able to catch her breath. Enya shot again and did some serious damage to the dragon. Hag’s trogan tried to distract the dragon, flying around its eyes as Hag connects again with his club. At the same time Little Pocket’s sphere collides with the dragon.

The dragon is not looking good, but neither in Hag so I get close enough to heal him for a bit but miss the dragon with a bolt. The dragon tried to bite Hag again but missed thankfully. Enya with her mighty bow sunk another arrow into the dragon which let out a painful scream. Hag uses the distraction to hit again with his club before…opening his shirt? On his chest is what looks like a dragon tattoo. Little Pocket’s sphere and Enya’s spiritual weapon hit at the dragon as yet another bolt misses. I couldn’t hit anything that day.

The dragon tried to grapple Hag but Hag was having none of it. Looking severely wounded and haggard, the dragon flew straight up, dodging a swing of Hag’s club. She circled us, 80ft. in the air. Hag threw another javelin, this time making its mark. After a few passes the dragon took off toward the West before descending down toward what must be the river…


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