Be heroic. Be creative. Have fun.

We are family and friends who enjoy eating lobsters, telling stories, and killing monsters together. These are our heroes, this is their world, and this is their story.

Our Story

Episode 23: Thunder & Lightning


The storm has passed. Little remains as it was before. The dragon has been driven west along the river valley. The druid, freed from confinement, warns the party that even their renewed strength may be insufficient for the challenges to come. And so once again the friends, now four, took shelter beneath his roof as they prepared for the next leg of their journey.


Enya took the lead. As the growing storm drew the river higher and faster by the minute, she fastened her rope to a rock and whispered a command…

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Image of Hag facing Shabuuj

Our Heroes


A highborn elven archer blessed with divine power, Enya traveled far from home to make a life on her own terms.

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Image of Hag

A big man wielding a big club, Hag has carried donkeys, laid low windmills, and deposited zombies into wells.

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Little Pocket

Image of Little Pocket

The smallest elf you’ve ever seen, Little is a trusted shipmate at sea and a force of nature in battle.

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Image of Tibboh

Quick-witted and dressed to impress, the hobbit Tibboh leaves a lasting impression on friend and foe alike.

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Our World

Cragmaw Castle

Coffee Hole Farm

Image of episode 18 battlefield

The Road to Phandalin