“The sphere disappeared descending the room in almost complete darkness, but I was on a bear…”

Portrait of Tibboh


  • Bad elves, good kobolds?
  • Metal shavings and wood chips
  • A jewel encrusted eyepatch
  • I was on a bear so I didn’t care


Once in the basement we found various barrels filled with wine, jerky, and the like. Managed to stuff a week’s worth of wine and jerky in my pack. Made note of the rest to make sure to get back to camp. Looked in the pool but the water was too deep or dark, not sure which. Hag called out that there was only used weapons in a nearby room; more noted for camp. Little Pocket distracted by the pool and said that the water was very similar to coffee, buy only in its darkness. She bravely stuck a hand in the dark water and managed to pull out a water-sealed pouch which ended up containing 50g, a couple small potion vials (1 off-red raspberry-like, 1 sapphire colored), and a set of middle-class elven clothing. Helja came down the stairs to ask if she’d be safe where she was and what to do if someone comes to the door. I told her to yell very loudly “What’s the password?” to alert us that someone was at the door. She practiced, poorly, before heading back up the stairs.

Made our way through the “hidden” door. Little Pocket described the last time they were here when there were skeletons, a trap door, and sarcophagi. Luckily no skeletons made their presence known to us as we made our way down the hallway and around the trapdoor which I tripped on purpose so no one would be caught off guard. The door at the end of the hallway had an odd family crest that was not one of the known established families on the island. It was nicely made but definitely appeared to be made by someone looking to make their name “known”. Pushed on through the room with the sarcophagi to the door of the room the rest said contained the cells. Heard noises from the other side. Little Pocket mentioned she could make it rain inside the room to draw out any Red Cloaks that may be inside. The rest of us position ourselves in case any run out. The sound of rain started to drown out the voices and water began running our from under the door. As the door burst open I cast Shatter in hopes to catch the guard(s) off…guard.

Enya loosed an arrow and dropped the lone Red Cloak. Hag made sure he was dead by drop kicking him back into the cell room. I entered the room to find three pitiful kobolds huddled in one of the cells. Initially I figured we’d just leave them there so I grabbed the keys off the guard and tossed them the bird before leaving the room. Of course, they had to cry out for help… I interrogate them in draconic on their intentions and why there were there in the first place. They said the “bad elves” picked them up. Dammit, I’m a sucker for anyone who calls elves “bad”. I tell them they’ll have to prove their worth and work in order to stay at Phandolin. At the mention of camp, they perked up. Took them back to Helja and convinced her to keep them with her until we were done (I think). Hag asked why I let them out, and told him they were in need, willing to work, and we need all the bodies we can get. Threw the dead guard in the cell and locked him in before we checked the other door in sarcophagi room for traps and heading through.

Headed into hallway, handed Little Pocket the cell key which worked on the door to the right. Room appeared to be a weapons store room. Good cache for camp. I cast detect magic to see if anything worth taking but nothing glowed in the room proper. However, Hag’s gem, the pouch he got from Garaele, and LP’s feather all had a good glow to them. Interesting. Searched for any secret door on the opposite side of the hallway. Managed to find a latch very low on the wall which opened a secret door. This opened up into another store room full of barrels. However, the southern wall of this room opened up into a massive cave. Saw a faint magical glow coming from the bottom of a crevasse and headed toward it to inspect. Just as I was about to cast Mage Hand to scoop up the glowing pile I smelled food I haven’t smelled since Pennerbead and heard a voice in my head. The voice had a ring to it similar to a friend’s mother asking what I want the answer to. Naturally I respond wanting to know who it was. It replied that I was clever and it would tell me, but ONLY if I left its stuff alone and bring it Yearneau’s (?) staff. Then it disappeared. Continued to cast Mage Hand and scooped the pile up. Dropped the pile next to me and all it was was bits of metal shavings and wood chips… Amazing..

Heard a wave of sound before feeling a painful pressure in my head. Headed over to LP and Hag to ask if they felt the same thing. Neither felt the pain but had heard the sound. Crossed the bridge with Little Pocket while Hag jumped the gap. Enya holding up the rear the whole time, arrow at the ready. To the South, natural light coming from down the way; must lead outside. To the West a hallway extended with stairs on the southern side. To the northern side a hallway with a door on both sides. Hag heads down the south west hallway and relays that there’s a wounded kobold. Figuring it’s probably with the other three I head over to interrogate it… without thinking…

As soon as I crossed the threshold, I realize I’m surrounded by two huge bugbears and a third smaller bugbear. The little one surprised me and hit me hard. One of the big ones picked me up and carried me to the corner while the other one, wearing a jewel encrusted eyepatch (that I must have), closed the door and blocked Hag from getting in. I cast Tasha’s on the one holding me and he drops me in a fit of laughter. I ran to the furthest corner from them all, dodging a swing from eyepatch. Tried to yell to Hag but unsure he heard me. Heard commotion outside door before a giant sphere of fire appeared in the room in the corner by the door, colliding with eyepatch. The smaller bugbear, who had been holding a Morningstar, dropped it, walked over to me with a very odd expression on its face, and told me it didn’t know me before hitting me again. HARD.

Oddly enough I immediately feel WAY better, I think I heard Enya chanting outside, must have done something. A roar of rage heard outside door before Hag slams door open and eyepatch out of the way. Cast healing word on myself, looked at the bugbear and told it I didn’t know it either before sinking a bolt in it. LP moved the sphere into the small one and hit it hard. Two beds were now engulfed in flame and the room was getting really smoky. Rain started to pour down extinguishing the flames, but not the sphere. The small bugbear who should be near death but looked fine had a weird expression pass over its face before turning away from me toward Hag.

It attacked Hag but didn’t seem to do much damage. Enya appears in the doorway and cast something which made me feel much less dead than when I entered the cursed room. Hag swung to hit eyepatch, I yelled to make sure not to damage the eyepatch itself, I wanted it! Hag connected and did some serious damage to the bugbear (but not the eyepatch). He threw something brown and fuzzy on the ground which exploded into a giant brown bear. Directly next to me. The Bear mauls the smaller bugbear who doesn’t even look phased even with the chunk taken out of its shoulder. I tried to use Vicious Mockery to knock it out of whatever mental state it was in but nothing happened.. Took a consolation prize by asking bear if I could hop on it which it acquiesced. LP threw fire at eyepatch but luckily didn’t hit the actual patch but took the bugbear down.

The small bugbear grabbed Enya and in Elvish (odd language for a bugbear) “I remember the last time we did this” before spitting on her chest. Enya responded by burying an arrow DEEP in the bugbear who finally looks like the damage is catching up to it. The sphere disappeared descending the room in almost complete darkness, but I was on a bear so I didn’t care. Heard a crunching sound, assumed Hag hit something. The bear swiped at the small bugbear and finally takes it out while I shot the remaining bugbear. Little Pocket lit up her shillelagh, throwing sparkling light across the room, and picked up the eyepatch. Enya moved in and shot the last bugbear. Out of nowhere a giant blue/white spider appeared on the ceiling in the corner of the room. It moved to pick up the body of the small bugbear and tried to move toward the door but was bit by the bear. Hag took out the last bugbear with ease. I toss the crossbow to my offhand, grab my dagger, and sink it into the spider. LP yelled “MORE FLAME” before shooting said flame at the spider, but missed. Enya connected yet again and sunk an arrow in the spider’s body. It looked bad as it ran out of the room and down the hallway.

I mention the word “Phandolin” to which the kobold finally perks up. Hag wants to kill it but I stave him off. It asked about where its friends were. I explain we saved them and what would have to happen if it came with us. Enya messaged me asking if we should go with Little Pocket to pursue the spider. I replied YES.


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