“Teased Little Pocket that for someone who likes water so much she was always quite dirt covered. Her only answer was to jump into the Spring… touché.”

Portrait of Tibboh

a hobbit walks into a room (image)


  • A show for the kids
  • A stop off at the Spring
  • A Weekend at Bernie’s type situation
  • Strange voices, false walls, and secret doors


Spent two days at camp recuperating, meeting everyone, and preparing for the siege of Coffeehole Farm. Came out one morning to find Carp and a few kids sitting around the fire. Decided to give them a show. Without them seeing I threw three matches into the air, lit them and formed each into figures of an ugly elf, a fierce dragon, and a handsome hobbit riding said dragon; chasing the elf toward the fire before eating the elf and diving into the fire.

The group decided to stop off at the Spring first to ensure there was no one to flank us from behind. This ended up being a wise decision as upon our arrival to the Spring we encountered three Red Cloaks, two of which were hidden in the nearby trees. Clearly a set-up to catch runaways. One of the Red Cloaks appears to take a hard swing at LP but she just disappeared… some sort of illusion? The archers hit Hag before retreating further into the trees. This just pissed him off and he snagged one with his javelin before running toward them.

Managed to mock one of the archers while Enya stuck him with an arrow. Enya then swore in Elvish which made a glimmering lance tip appear above the Red Cloak. Little Pocket makes her shillelagh appear before dropping the Red Cloak by the Spring. As Hag approached the archers, they dropped their bows and drew swords in preparation. One managed to hit Hag before Hag dropped him. The other ran for it but Hag caught up to it and dropped him too.

Found three longbows, six short swords, and the red cloaks on the bodies. Decided to hide the weapons to take back to camp later. We discussed how to approach the farm and decided Enya and LP should wear the cloaks and pretend Hag is a prisoner. Before we left, went to check the Spring out. Washed my hands for the first time in forever, water felt amazing. Little Pocket seems to be able to control water as little trout made of water leaped out from the water before what I can only imagine was a dolphin followed them with a giant splash. Helja mentions that runaways often found their way to the Spring after escaping their bondage which would make sense why the Red Cloaks seemed to have an ambush set up. Teased Little Pocket that for someone who likes water so much she was always quite dirt covered. Her only answer was to jump into the Spring… touché.

After the brief respite at the Spring, we head up the hill toward the Farm. Once in sight of the Farmhouse, we prepared by having Helja and myself hide in the trees while Enya, LP, and prisoner Hag made their way to the reinforced door and the Red Cloak lazily guarding the door. I sat, with my cloak matching the underbrush, with my crossbow ready if something went wrong.

I couldn’t hear or see everything but it sounded like Little Pocket told the guard they were there to see “Donovan” to which he looked confused but not suspicious. Heard the Red Cloak mention “Glass Staff”(?). I decided to get closer and snuck my way to a shrub just to the left of the door. Hag looked about ready to attack the Red Cloak so I prepared to fire in case things broke down, all the while hoping this was all part of the act. Just as Little Pocket crossed the threshold inside the door, I see Enya start to swing so I loose the bolt and hit the Red Cloak directly in the back. Hag finishes him off with his club. Since he didn’t look dead, we propped him up to look like he fell asleep on the stoop of the entrance. Once inside I told Helja to guard the door, and to alert us if anyone approaches the door. Hag asked her if there was anything we needed to keep an eye out for which she said there were reports of being disturbed by strange voices and with these old estates you can be sure there are false walls and doors.


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