“For the time being we needed rest and to gather everything we could for the coming siege.”

Portrait of Tibboh

Image of episode 18 battlefield


  • Favric’s poor Draconic
  • Just my luck
  • Carp hits Hag’s club!
  • Oohs and aahs and pipes


Figures up path reacted to Owlbear but did not move from their posts. Forest was dense highland tropical so no sense is looking as you can’t see anything off the path. As we moved closer to the figures the forest opened into a plain clearing with rocky outcroppings. Several spots of upturned earth visible too. Figures turned out to be three cloaked elves wearing brown/green robes and capes with what appeared to be masks made out of (or to look like) kobolds that covered the tops of their faces. The stuffiest looking elf also had kobold wings comically attached at his neck. Cultists, have to be. Nut jobs the lot of them. The “winged” elf introduced himself to Little Pocket as “Faaaavric” (Not sure why she’s giving them any time of day as they addressed her in Elvish and clearly think we’re her servants).

He blathered on about being pilgrims traveling and aspiring to make the world a better place (for elves). Just for shits and giggles I threw my voice behind them and called them “Filthy Elves” in draconic which they reacted to in almost worried manners. Noticed a fourth elf appear off to our left. Also noticed dishes laid out surrounding the lips of the upturned earth circles. Little Pocket (still entertaining these fanatics for who knows what reason) asked if they’re feeding something which Favric looked almost insulted saying they’re just “bugs”. Started to hear digging, not giant bug digging but more akin to a puppy digging in the garden. Not wanting to take any chances, I cast Heroism on myself and Hag and deftly hid behind his ankle. Of course, at this point Hag decided to run to the left leaving me exposed. Just my luck. Favric exclaimed that our paths were at a departure. From the top of a huge rock Hag yelled “ELVES!” while holding some sort of crystal which seemed to blind the three elves. They were arguably already blind but that’s another matter.

Favric fumbles with the ground before picking something up and proclaimed in Draconic that fucking Halflings and who would be blind now? His Draconic was really poor but I was good on any fucking, especially blinded. He then disappeared. Wish granted! Enya looked like she was trying to bury the other two elves by herding dirt around their ankles. That’s when a shit ton of kobolds started popping out of the mounds. Of all the draconic races to worship… there’s idiot cultists and then there are these dimwits. The two Favric left behind took off running as fast as they could away from us so that took care of that problem. The kobolds however piled on Enya who went down hard. Like, really hard.

Third cultist off to the left took off after the other two. Upon seeing Enya, Little Pocket looked enraged and yelled something before a shockwave engulfed the kobolds around Enya. Three were thrown against a rock and smashed to bits. The other two weren’t dead but couldn’t be far off. Sildar and Garaele ran over and took up defensive posts next to Enya. Dropped one of the remaining kobolds with my crossbow. Clumsily tried to get up next to Hag but failed miserably… Yet again, as I moved closer to Hag he jumped off the rock and absolutely obliterated the last kobold with his club.

At that point two flying kobolds appeared from behind the two rocks; one headed toward Hag, the other toward me, both holding rocks. The one by Hag tried to drop the rock on Hag’s head but missed. Enya started to cough up blood and looked worse if that’s possible. Luckily LP muttered something and Enya came to. Managed to take out the kobold before it could try dropping the rock on me. Speaking of rocks, I was able to save face and get on top of the boulder the second time. Hag jumped up and connected with the other flying kobold but not enough to drop it. The kobold dropped to pick up another rock for a second attempt at Hag’s head but missed again. Saw an arrow come out of nowhere which dropped the kobold like a rock. Looked over and saw Enya, enraged, holding her bow. Hag stomped on it for good measure and hucked it down the nearest hole.

Not wanting any other trouble we decided to head straight to Phandolin, to Hag’s disappointment who wanted to find the owlbear. The rest of the journey was easy enough. The path started to narrow with a steep drop-off of the left. Out of nowhere someone started yelling “Guys! Guys!” at which point an adolescent Halfling dropped out of this massive tree, couldn’t have been more than 16 or 17, looking like a grungy farmhand. More importantly he was precariously carrying a knocked short-bow. Introduced himself as “Carp” and was super excited to see the others. Little Pocket discussed his training and target practice. Hag tells him to hit his club as he lifts it above his head. The shot connects but the others, particularly Little Pocket, looked very apprehensive. Afterwards, Carp noticed how beat up we all were and urges up to get into camp before returning to his post in the tree.

People started to notice our arrival to which Sildar states it’d be a good idea to gather everyone for a meeting. He turned to Little Pocket and asked her to check with Carp as it’d be advantages that he be there. After the initial shock of the dilapidated nature of things, took better stock of the camp. Noticed a group of dwarves around the fire. Garden plots that had a familiar planting style… could it be there are other Pennerbeaders around? At that moment an older hobbit woman walks over and addressed me in Halfling introducing herself as “Kallie” and that she’s Carp’s mother. She asked if Sildar was why I was here and I told her that I’d known him for years. She asked if I was hungry, which my growling stomach made obvious. She brought me the most delicious vegetable soup I’ve had since leaving Pennerbead (definitely had several servings, it’d be rude not to). Speaking of, she noticed my accent and asked where I was from which I told her and asked if she was from home too but she sadly stated she’d been born on the island. I mentioned that it’s sad she’s never seen home to which she gave a spirited “Yet!”. That’s the spirit we need.

Noticed one of the structures had been recently repaired and was the only one with a hinged door. A small gnome appeared from the doorway. He spots me and introduced himself as “Toblin”. He complemented my pipe. I asked if he played and he stated he mentioned his lute. I showed him my viol. He’s definitely a tinker. Told him I need a hut with doors, said we could talk later. At that moment Sildar called for everyone’s attention.

I turn to Sildar and to make sure not to be overheard or rude I mention, in Elvish, that he hadn’t told me it was this bad, and we’ve got a LOT of work to do. He told me that I know as much as he does that not many places would have even survived this much from a full moon attack.

Sildar addressed the group that they (He, Garaele, and Darren) were away at a meeting of runaway leaders and spies from across the island and region. Introduced me to the camp and told of my rescue. I gave a proper Queen’s Wave while making my cloak turn red and billow. That got some “Oohs and Ahhs”. Noice! Sildar mentioned that he couldn’t share all of the details but that:

  1. The enemy’s strength had grown exponentially, specifically on full moon nights.
  2. How deeply sorry he was that he wasn’t there to help defend during the recent attack. That they did not anticipate how great the threat was and how they expect the threat to be greater next time.
  3. Leadership had determined, and Sildar agreed, the opportunity we have right now is prime, but the window is narrow.

We need to spread their forces thin and asked if anyone was willing to participate. Needed to identify low-risk targets in immediate area. The attacks would be happening all across the island for the next week. Sildar asked if there were any volunteers. Little Pocket mentioned Thundertree, that there was a druid ally there and the kobold threat. I suggested we could run a sabotage campaign at a nearby plantation or farm. LP offers one named Coffehole to which a dwarven women named Hellia perked up saying she’d be willing to take a force there to retake the farm. States that since she used to work there, she knows it well and if we could take it back, we could use it to help supply the camp with much needed food. Enya mentioned my pipes and asked if that would work but I sadly state that the plantation too far for this strike, we need to stay closer for this strike. We decided to escort Hellia to Coffeehole Farm but she would need to stay along the perimeter to stay safe.

At Enya’s mention of my pipes, Hag pulls out a weed pipe, followed by Sildar. I politely lit both their pipes for them. For the time being we needed rest and to gather everything we could for the coming siege.

See also: Episode 18 



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